Florian Helmhold

PhD Aspirant


Research interests

Florian Helmhold studied Physics at the RWTH Aachen and the Technical University of Munich, specializing in Biophysics. While participting in the developing biomimetic sensor-systems at the CoTeSys he came into contact with biological and artificial implementations of neural processing. Eversince he envisioned bringing those two worlds closer together to support those suffering from neural impairments and dysfunctions. Pursuing approaches that might lead to this goal, he helped in the development of CMOS based bidirectional neuro-electric interfacing chips in both the academic and industrial sectors and took part in the improvement of implantable retinal stimulation devices for the blind. Currently he expands into the field of neurorehabilitative applications of neural interfaces, pursuing his PhD at the Institute of Medical Psychology of the University of Tübingen.

His research interest lies in the exploration and development of novel neural interfacing modalities and strategies for neurorehabilitative applications.



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